Monday, November 5

a weekend of reflection, sadness and celebration

it was a weekend for sure. i left on friday to go to a job site in manchester which just sort of happened. normally my duties do not involve job site visits but i think my boss was giving me a break which was greatly appreciated. so i watched module houses being lifted into place. infill housing is great and affordable housing is my deal, so i love it, but the change from a single family home on a few acres to a large development of condos (albeit nice ones) is strange. kind of sad...but that is life. actually, this blog entry is tied together around the theme of change and letting go if you really look at the underlying theme.

after that i stopped quickly at my grandfather's house. my uncle and his family are moving into it. the entire second floor is torn apart because my uncle is rehabing it for the family. my grandfather will live there for a bit longer and then he is going to live somewhere else i news on that yet. the house will benefit from the rehab work though. it will also be nice that a new generation is going to grow up there and hopefully keep the house in the family.

apparently the barn is being sold. my great uncle was always the sell out of the family at least from a land point of view. he is the one who sold my greatgrandparents house to some obscure cousin. whatever. but now he is selling the barn. i suggested strongly to my mom that she buy it and use the wood to construct the barn that they need at their new house. this hopefully will happen, otherwise i am going to have to build a barn on my land down there...which i am not quite ready to commit to doing. perhaps i could use it as the foot print of the house? who knows.

then dorset. lots and lots of dorset. lots and lots of sadness.

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