Monday, November 10


ah the weekend is over.

friday night was the emotion-suppressing-dancing-and-drinking-with-lesbians night. you know, my favorite thing to do that thankfully occurs once each month. i know that they get all bitter when you call it womyn's night (the event sponsors)but just like g.w.'s legacy you cannot change historical reference. plus i love womyn's night! it is always awesome with tons of people and great music - not the "music" that lacks scales which is popular in gay clubs across the world.

saturday was the emotion-suppressing-shopping-with-best-friend-jen day. i bought what i lovingly refer to as "jew dishes" because they were being sold for channukkah. i totally bought a whole set and they rock! "why the blue and white?" i asked everyone. well: "Blue and white are the colors of a Tallit (prayer shawl), and the Israeli flag, which symbolizes a Star of David on a Tallit. In the Bible, the Israelites are commanded to have some of the threads of their Tallit dyed blue to remind them of the sky and God." now we are all better people for this knowledge.

sunday was the day of hell called tech. i stood for very long periods of time while lights were set and microphones were positioned. then i took a pill and went to bed.

now it is monday. i am at work. my emotion suppressing activities did not really help the under laying problems, but hopefully as time passes the first issue will lessen and the second issue will be resolved by medical tests. then the world will be good.

Monday, November 3