Wednesday, May 28

Monday, May 19

photos from easton mountain

best mom ever and men's knitting retreat

okay, i think the best way to approach this entry is a chronological recap of my weekend hitting highlights.

friday morning, 6:30 a.m. the alarm sounds.
6:31 a.m. i wake up
Ha, just kidding. that would be too evil even for me. friday was awesome. i had way too much coffee at work which partnered with the excitement of going to knitting retreat created this impish smile on my face and way too many moments lost to nonwork related activities. but noon came and i picked up sputnik to head to my parents house and then greenwich (like sandwich but green instead of sand).

my mom gave me my sweater on friday. OMG it is probably the nicest knitted object i've ever received. she did an amazing job on it. she even did these extra things to it so that it would be perfect for her very anal rententive son. god i love my mom.

after that it was off to the knitting retreat at easton mountain in greenwich, new york. first i'd like to say that greenwich is the only town in new york state that i think is pretty. seriously, i am a vermonter who is extremely snobby about new york, but greenwich and the immediate area surrounding it is lovely. perhaps it is the lack of strip malls...

the knitting retreat was great. it is hard to qualify it with simple sentences. first, i'd like to say that i was totally comfortable with everyone there. people were super sweet and friendly. i am typically a social idiot, but i found a nice cozy corner, sat and chatted with whomever sat nearby. this was the best approach and i made some great friends.

the food. wow, the food was fantastic. usually i go on trips and i plan on eating whatever doesn't have meat thereby limiting myself to bread, salad and maybe a veggie side dish. this place had equal opportunity dining and it was done wonderfully well. my only issue was a distrinct lack of milk/soy milk to drink. but that was the smallest issue. they had curried tofu! who can complain? really.

let's see what else? oh i met a nice boy from mass who i've chatted with on ravelry. he was pretty entertaining. i also met a great dude from one of those Carolina states who now lives in upstate NY. he taught me to crochet (or croquet as i like to call it).

hmmm...i guess that is probably all for now. i can get into the whole spiritual element of aging as a gay man and having to reinvent yourself in a youth obsessed culture, but i'd rather not for today.

Monday, May 5

what a weekend

so may is my insane month of events each weekend. this weekend kicked it all off with green up day, queer prom and a lovely date with my buddy jen.

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