Thursday, February 21


okay today is an ugh day. not one of those horrible ugh days like some in the past, just general ugh. a lot has happened where to start?

drag ball! it was awesomely fun! i paniced on friday about my lack of an outfit and called my friend moretti. he was gracious enough to invite me over to work on my outfit and drink wine. we created a great costume. see picture. the ball itself was terrific. there were tons of people present!!! seriously a billion it seemed. i lasted in my outfit for a couple of hours, but ended up shedding most of it and running around the rest of the night in the micro mini, tights and a grey tux coat. this was more comfortable than the waist sincher.

knitting is awesome. (see previous post) i've finished my mom's sweater and sent it to her. she really likes it which is great. it is a little big on her, but it will shrink a bit when she washes it plus it was made to be cozy and roomy. as far as the knitting itself it looks pretty good. there are a few mistakes, but the average person will only catch one of them simply because of its place on the garment.

my new sweater is going really fast because it is boring old stockinette stitch mixed with one cable. i am still trying to figure out how to finish it. i am thinking of sewing up the middle (two seams, one on each side of a zipper) and then cutting it. this will put the cable in the original intended spot and solve the strip match up issue...more to come :) for now i work on the sleeves. once the sleeves are done though i have to decide so that i can attach the sleeves in the correct spot.

i need to go on a date. i had great dates with doctor guy, but apparently that wasn't right. of course i still see him on dating websites so i am curious about the story. i think he paniced. or decided against me. whatever. i suppose i shouldn't have time for these things. but, also, i enjoyed having dates. i would like to do that again some day before i am 90 years old.

a knitting post

My knitting projects:
1. the new sweater being made for ME!
2. the awesome scarf i've had on all winter
3. the first sweater ever (without buttons at the top) made for my mom...yeah, i rock ;)