Wednesday, August 13

Sputnik in the City

Gene chomping on a coveted almond horn.

Sputnik checking out the street.

And now....local street artwork.

Olivia's Doll

So after nearly a year of on and off knitting this project is essentially done. I decided not to make the Eco-Fairie in its full glory rather I changed it to be a "Modern Girl" which is really code for "got lazy and sick of tiny tiny needles and stitches." Regardless the finished project is great, cute and cuddly. The best part is that the outfits can be made quickly and out of swatches. The outfits are great ways to practice new techniques, etc. This doll is made from knit, crochet and needlepoint. I practiced a variety of knit stitches including my first two color work (not pictured, but there is a red heart on the heart, not beating Jesus heart).

Friday, August 8

Baby "Shirt"

So this is the same pattern for the baby hoodie that I've made a few of except I decided to keep the hood and sleeves off since it is summer and the baby is here. I figured it would get more use if it wasn't a hot sweater.