Friday, October 19

halloween - a time honored tradition among queers and theatre geeks

sure there is christmas - the holiday that among american christians represents the traditional values of spendthrift and capitalism galore - but the biggest holiday for queers and theatre folk across the world is halloween, when we get the chance to don makeup and wild clothing without fear of second glance and hate crimes. so it makes sense that this is the one holiday i spend months with the naggingly aching thought in my brain of "what am i going to wear?"..

yes, the glorious celebration of all hallows eve a time when ghosts and college girls dressed as tramps reek chaos throughout burlington. the day when candy gives way to alcohol and dirty bumping and grinding. a night of dim lit dance floors and green glow sticks spinning through masses of horny adults. really a hallmark card cannot capture the spirit unless of course it comes in scratch and sniff.

so what am i going to wear? i thought about being a cowboy. that seems good. i could wear a hat, jeans and some cowboy like shirts (perhaps a wife beater underneath a snap button plaid shirt). maybe i could even find a bullwhip in time. or perhaps i should be an astronaut.

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