Monday, October 29

halloween party

there is very little that i can say about the halloween party that cannot be inferred from here:

or i can say the following...

gene decided he wanted to be a mummy. apparently he had this childhood dream of one day dressing up as a scary mummy. i think it probably has something to do with a lack of love and the intense desire to be wrapped up tightly. or maybe it is a bondage thing. who knows except for gene and probably he doesn't have any idea, but a mummy was the plan. the plan took work. there was a lot of shopping. luckily we are crafty folk so we could make the costume. he was fairly well behaved during the costume construction. whenever he became too bossy or rude i would just make sure that the hot glue was pressed a bit too hard into the long underwear the strips were applied to resulting in a moment of pain. it took him four times to learn the lesson and hold his lips shut. ah, compliance. perhaps i should get into s&m...or not. in the end he looked great in his costume and totally unrecognizable.

higher ground was fantastic. there were tons of people in costume for a change rather than a handful of costumes and a ton of fags in their blue jeans and button downs. and there were great costumes all around. todd's weatherman costume was great. even jeff's "this is my costume so get over it" t-shirt was well executed with devil horns hiding his reciding hairline. my favorite though was not my gay nazi costume (weren't all the nazis gay and wasn't that the whole point - repressed sexuality run amuk?). my favorite were the sisters lehey - i am renaming them in the tradition of pirating everywhere. don, serena and mark were fantastic fake sisters lemay. they did not win the contest judged by the real sisters lemay, but probably only because they proved that the look could be done with style and some beauty. oh the bitterness.

there were also a group of zombies. perhaps a gaggle? or a herd? or a school? how about a yard? get it...a graveyard? yup, i am funny. the zombies were done wonderfully well by some local make up folks who deal with prostetics and realistic trama make up professionally. i was more scared by the one member of the crew who i know and still am not 100% sure he is not a jeffrey dahmer candidate. again, repressed sexualilty is an ugly monster that takes people to bad places often resulting in the unfortunate demise of themselves or those around them.

then there was the hot vampire. in fact i am still not entirely sure that she wasn't a real vampire just out for a night on the town. and of course there was some penis flashing. not mine this time. nope, i remain 100% pure and proper. well...i guess i might have gropped one boy next to the bar, but technically i know him and there was no exposed skin.

so the party goes on. gene gets hammered. scott and kyle get hammered. i am totally sober, of course. then i, i fell...oh no...wait...i am sitting...i am in the car...i cannot get these boots off my feet...where is my bed...ah...sleep...WTF? did i break open my head? i see bright light and there is a strange wet pulsing sensation on my is morning...sputnik is licking my his my face...gross...

ah yes the gay's halloween. a gay tradition everywhere. one night when we can get dressed up and be someone else. someone who is not dealing with our lives, our drama, our sins, our dreams, our realities or our mortgages. someone who gets live in that moment for one night of chaos and comedy. someone who does not care what is happening around the world or to the world but simply cares about the next song on the dance floor. someone who laughs at the person puking their guts out outside of the entrance and doesn't think - wow that person is completely embarassing themselves (no that wasn't me thank god). someone new and fun.

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