Wednesday, September 12


so it is wednesday evening. i am sitting in front of my computer rather than the television in order to shake things up a bit. actually i sit home a lot of nights just passing time, then i complain about getting older and not feeling that much was accomplished in those younger years. but this past year is different; however, i am going to save that for the birthday post.

so what am i doing on a wednesday at 6:20? well, i am sipping (not gulping or downing) some wine. it is nice and refreshing like grape juice, but not as good for you. well maybe it is but that really depends on your perspective and how much you trust the french. g.w. probably does not believe in the benefits of wine but he also sponsored freedom fries. honestly, how could so many people be so tragically stupid? anyway, back to me. i tried some emailing. that was dull. no one else is reading email at 6:20 p.m. i did some gardening earlier. something that needed to be done since july, but that i just did not get around to doing. just moving some stuff around so that it can root prior to the end of the growing season (i may be wrong, but whatever) and still thrive next summer. i cleaned. now i sit. i am bored. can you tell?

okay, i need to confess something and you should not think less of me because of it. one of my latest guilty pleasures is which is a blog site of celebrity gossip run by an overweight hidious queen who renamed himself perez hilton and managed to grasp onto some fleeting fame. actually, he might be aptly named when i think of it that way. anywoo, he now has a show on vh1 which i do not get so i do not watch but i doubt my lack of vh1 is going to end his show. basically he is a loser with fame. again, these paris hilton parrells are amazing. so, back to my rant, what gets me is that he is able to gain fame through the selfish flogging of people he doesn't know because we as americans are so quick to join the band wagon so long as it makes us feel better about our lackluster lives. our lackluster lives which really are not all that lackluster at all. i mean, of those people who watch him, how many do you think live in a dark cave with nothing to do but watch a fat drunk queen bitch about people who earned fame through their talents?

(warning: this is an insane tangent...remember, wine) so what do i say? fuck it. let's make our lives exactly what we want them to be. let's get rid of our boring hum dum daily routines and do what makes us happy. for me? not sure. perhaps being a book reviewer. yeah. that would rock. or perhaps someone that works for a charity that actually pays well. i would love to help but not suffer at the same time. or marry well...oh right, that doesn't happen unless it is cinderella.

hmmm...what do you want to change?

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