Thursday, September 13

random continued

so this is apparently a new clearinghouse of my stupid ideas, but hell, it is a blog and that is what it exists for, right?

what makes me happy? what is it that i want to do with my life beyond being a parent that will allow me to look back when i am lounging on my death bed and feel content with the wake i left in my path. friends. family. success financially. social change. social benefit. art. these are the things that bring me the most happiness and the things that i want to leave behind. so how do i go about creating those elements in my life?

well friends are done. i have some of the best friends that i could ever possibly imagine. family is great too, plus soon there will be a wiggly little baby that will become the best newest addition to my life.

financial success...well someday i will learn how to balance my checkbook thereby having a lot more financial success. probably when the baby comes i will start to be fiscally responsible...hopefully anyways.

social change. currently i effect change through management of donations, but not on a grand scheme. perhaps i could join a board of directors for some non-profit or something that works towards social justice. unfortunately most of the causes i care about are causes that have a certain type of person who would be less than impressed with my style of approach and wardrobe (i dress in clothes manufactured by developing nations in what probably amount to sweat shops...). regardless, i am sure i can find some kind of board or committee that will take me on and don't answer to the adjective republican.

social benefit. see above. really, those hippies and "renegade down with the man" types would hate my approach and clothing. and i don't like hemp. it sits funny on my body making me appear fat or spherical. not my idea of a good time.

art. ah, art. maybe i should just throw this professionalism away and become a musician or a photographer. oh, or i could write stuff. yeah, because my command of the written word is amazing (sarcasm, fyi). actually if i dumped my normal job and took up a career in the arts i would be able to join a board because my clothing would rapidly deteriorate and i would fit the image of the social causes i like. i might even shave less. but of course i would be a singer in something of the vein of blues or jazz plus standards from the sinatra days, which would mean i would still have to be put together. dammit. if only i were a dirty hippie :)

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