Tuesday, June 12


this weekend was my 10th high school reunion. all i have to say is that most of the people i went to school with are bastards...but luckily there were a few nice people in the mix as well. here are some photos.

the first is a picture of me driving down. i look optimistic.

so here we are...all three of us. my class had around 70 folks who graduated. we lost a few to teenage pregnancy...a few who failed out...but still there were 70 people invited to this event...three showed up.

it technically was not breaking and entering. just entering. this music lab did not exist when i went to school at bbs. now it does. what is funny is that this used to be the boys locker room area. now it is filled with future fags and fag hags. oh if the jocks could see their beloved room full of internalized homoerotic dreams...

this piano did exist...and it was never in a room of teenage hormones...well except for this one play. we were all backstage in this "green room" dressed in cheesy outfits. there were definately some raging hormones. anyway...
ah the memories of
playing a steinway. this old gal is slightly neglected now and out of tune.
bbs never really did appreciate a classic.

ah, sleep, drunken sleep. i survived...thank you jack.

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