Wednesday, April 30

what to do about mother's day?

sometimes i wish it were as simple as slapping together a breakfast and bringing it upstairs for the classic "breakfast in bed - aren't i cute" routine of my youth. now i need to come up with other stuff that is good and relatively thoughtful. since i am busy being selfish with knitting and making stuff for myself i thought this might be a good time to try something else that i haven't done in a long time - painting.
there are two paintings. one is bad. i will probably continue to work on it and try to get it cool. the other is acceptable and about 50% completed. you might notice it is signed. that is because it was complete before i had the brilliant idea (no really i am happy with the idea) to darken the canvas with a wash. so now i need to do more touching up and bring back some of the detail. anyway since i will most likely forget to photo it upon completion i thought i'd do it now.

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