Monday, April 7

long time no write

okay blog reader here is a brand spanking new post just for you.

first let me explain that knitting has consumed my life. it is rather sad but at the same time wonderful. because ravelry signed it's soul to the devil named flickr i have to have a flickr account which is available for the viewing:

this is where you can see my awesome creations...or at least the ones that i remember to photo and upload.

so i saw doctor dude. i went to dyke night on friday and he was there. we had a nice little talk. nothing too crazy even though i still do like him a bit especially when i get to interact with him. anywoo he is still fucked up about his breakup. apparently even his parents tell him it is messed up. but who am i too judge too critically. i mean i was the one who took well over a year to get over my stupid relationship. and wasn't it a sex in the city thing - you mourn the passing of the relationship for 1/2 the time of the actual relationship? so, i did well. gene and i were together for 5 years...i mourned for two years. doctor dude was in a 1 year's been about, oh, i don't know. anyway, it was a good talk. then the awkwardness.

do you remember the weird first kiss? the go in, no back up, go in, no back up kiss? yeah, well welcome weird goodbye hug. same general idea. he's like, "well i am going to go home." i say goodbye and immediately go for a hug (i was a bit tipsy). then i think, oh he isn't doing hugs, but then he goes but by this time i am retreating. so he retreats but i am starting again. ugh. AWFUL.

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